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Farmers and Fishermen

continued from Home Page  -----> “Eberhard had just taken over at Lutece when he got his New York Times three-star review,” said Paulette. “Soon after, I invited a friend to have dinner there for her birthday, and the sommelier said to Eberhard, ‘The wine salesperson from Martin SCott is here having dinner, I think you may want to meet her,” and so he came out to the table and didn’t leave!” The relationship soon evolved beyond business, and they were married on Christmas day 1996.

They bought an eighteen acre farm in 1997, and although Eberhard was still at Lutece, he and Paulette started farming in 1998.

“We grow all the ingredients that can be grown on the North Fork, and that are important to chefs, and home cooks, meaning everything from asparagus to zucchini. We also have good relationship with local farmers. For instance, Lathan and Wickham Farm on the North Fork grow our tomotoes.”

“Satur Farms specializes in leafy salad greens: mesclun, baby spinach, wild arugula, mache, and so much more.”

Featured: Satur Farms

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Satur Farms takes pride to keep their farms sustainable by cover cropping, proper PH management and balancing minerals in the soil with trained supervisors in the field. Surely they have filled the gap between farmer and chef to bring a variety of quality produce to the table.